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To Know About Success Story Of Lamborghini…

ByJatin Soni

Jun 4, 2020

Who existed Ferruccio Lamborghini?

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini was survived in the nation of a bad grower on 28 April 1916 in Italy, his parents work hard at the farms to make up for the daily expenses and eventually with their hard-earned savings when they bought a tractor, Ferrucio developed his interest in farm mechanics. Out of curiosity one day when he started working and repairing his father’s tractor, his father decided that he would send his son for technical education and he borrowed some money and enrolled him at one of the technical institutes to study mechanics.

When his trip starts:

In 1944, during the earth war, he enrolled in the Italian Airforce and become a prisoner of war in the British Military, as a prisoner they forced him to work with other mechanics in the motoring department after knowing his technical abilities. After the war, when he returned home, he has started a small garage and work as a mechanic. He had taken his first car Fiat Topolino. He used to modify that car in free time. And while modifying the car, the idea came to his mind.

It lived his main success:

Soon he started assembling and repairing tractor with old war surplus materials for local farmers. It was back then when the Lamborghini tractor brand started. With his hard work and love for mechanics, it became a successful business, which made him a man. His tractor company becomes one of the largest agricultural equipment manufacturers in Italy. In 1948, the tractor company started Lamborghini TRATTORI.

When Enzo abuse Ferrucio:

Buying his favorite and luxurious car Mr.Lamborghini could afford himself dozens of luxury cars. He owned multiple exotic cars back then like Mercedes SL 300, a Jaguar, and Ferrari. Ferrari is one of the most favorite cars of M.r Ferruccio. But his Ferrari ran into a problem with the clutch, noisy gearbox, and rough handling. Ferruccio who had sound knowledge of engines went to Enzo Ferrari to give some suggestions on how we can solve the issues of other customers as well. Enzo Ferrari told him to stick with making tractors and leave the car industry alone. Lamborghini felt insulted and took this as a challenge.

Where he gave rise to the early car:

Lamborghini decided to create a sports car with a V12 engine because of the same engine used in Ferrari cars. He discovered a very talented engineer Gian Paolo Dallara who had previously worked on a Ferrari V12 engine. In 1963 ever shine luxury car brand Lamborghini was created which become one of the iconic car brands globally.

The main car of Mr. Ferrucio:

In 1964 he made his first car Lamborghini 350 GT with a 3.5 V12 engine. It was the first production by Lamborghini between 1964 and 1966. Since 1966 all Lamborghini named after famous Spanish bull-fighter breeding such as Murcielago and Gallardo.

Only the exception of Lamborghini Countach. This name was found by his employee said out loud “Countach”. When he first saw the car, the word came out from his mouth which means “Amazing” or “Stunning”.

When it evolves famously:

After that, he made more cars but Lamborghini came in the world’s eyes. When Lamborghini Miura sports car launched in 1996’s. Which like very much because of his performance and different technology.

The sole reason for shifting his business from farm vehicle to superpower cars was Enzo Ferrari undermining words you stick to tractors and let me build a sports car.

Private life:

Lamborghini had done three marriages in his life but none of them not long lasted. His first wife, Clelia Monti died at an early age during childbirth in 1947. The name of the son of the first wife of Mr. Ferruccio was Antonia Lamborghini. Who later went to Japan and started a designer clothing business. Is second marriage was with Anna Borgatti which broke due to divorce. His third marriage was with Maria Teresa Cane. She gave birth to a baby girl child whose name is Patrizia.
Mr. Ferrucio died on 20th February 1993, at the age of 76. Mr. Ferrucio extremely suffered from a heart attack. His La Fiorita estate features a Lamborghini’s Luxury Car Collection and a massive Golf Course.

“Only those who have strength in their dreams reach their goals. Only wings can’t do much, we need the courage to fly.”

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