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ByJatin Soni

Jul 6, 2020

Ratan Tata’s full name is Ratan Naval Tata. He was born on 28 December 1937 in Mumbai.His father’s name was Naval Tata and mother’s name was Sooni Tata.


He studied at the Compion School, Mumbai till the 8th class, followed by Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai and at Bishop Cotton School in Shimla.

In 1952 Ratan Tata moved to USA in 1955, graduated from Riverdale Country School in ny City.In 1959, he then received a degree in Architecture from Cornell University .After completing his studies, Ratan Tata also worked for a brief time in Los Angle California, a corporation that was the world’s largest computer company.


In 1961, he started his career working with Tata Groups performing on the workplace of Tata company . He was promoted to management in 1970. In 1971, Tata Group’s TV and Radio maker and loss making NELCO company was given the responsibility to Ratan Tata.Over subsequent 3 years, Ratan Tata made this company stand out and Nelco boosted the company’s profits.

Rattan tata took a degree of management from the Harvard University in 1975.In 1977 gave the responsibility of Express Mill to Ratan Tata. This company was closed thanks to no demand of garments at that point .Ratan tata was made the chairman of the tata group by JRD tata in 1991.


Tata Motors, India’s largest auto manufactured company, has its head quarter in Mumbai. Tata Motors makes all types of vehicles like passengers, commercial, luxury, military equipment also made. additionally to India, its manufacturing and plant also in Thailand, South Africa , Argentina, Britain.

In 1945 tata started its debut with locomotive productions. In 1954, the corporate manufactured its first commercial vehicle. Tata motors entered the passenger vehicles market in 1988. Tata’s first coach found Tata Sierra in 1991.In 1992 he launched the tata estate.The tata has launched the 5 door SUV Tata Sumo and Tata Safari in 1998.Ratan tata had this dream project of fully built hanger car Indica launch in 30 December 1998 and worked very hard to finish it.


The thing is when the tata group launched the Tata Indica car in market in 1998.But this car didn’t get good response in market thanks to which tata motors visited losses after a couple of year.Tata Motors partner suggests Ratan Tata to sell the corporate to catch up on car losses. And despite not saying, Ratan Tata had to try to to this with a stone on his heart.He took the proposal to sell his company Tata Motors to the Ford company, whose head quarter in America. Ratan Tata and his partners meet with Ford company.

Ford Chairman Bill Ford said to Ratan Tata, once you don’t realize this business, why you set such a lot money into launching this car.Bill Ford said we do you a favor by buying your company.Ratan Tata was struck by this and left the deal and returned.Ratan Tata was unable to forget bill ford’s talk and he decided to sell Tata motors nobody .He completely changed Tata Motors together with his diligence and Tata Motors began to rise and began making profits.


On the opposite hand, the Ford company started going into losses in 2008 and gonna be off.At that point Ratan Tata proposed to shop for his luxury car brand Land Rover and Jaguar ahead of Ford.Bill Ford was already facing the loss of Land Rover and Jaguar. He accepted the offer.Bill Ford reached Tata Motors head quarters together with his partners even as Ratan Tata had gone.In the meeting, it had been decided that Land Rover and Jaguar will get Tata Motors in Rs9300 crores. within the meeting, it had been decided that Land Rover and Jaguar will get Tata Motors for 9300 crores. Today Land Rover and Jaguar are a part of the Tata company which is leading the market with profit

Great people use their anger to realize their goals.

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