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India First Heritage Transport Museum…

ByJatin Soni

Jun 2, 2020
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We often have a habit of collecting things during our childhood. We have an emotional bonding with it some don’t continue their passion but some provides it a replacement form.

Mr Tarun Thakral took his passion forward and build the first and only Heritage Transport Museum in Gurgaon, Haryana. Several countries have transport museum but mr. Tarun took his initiative to means the earth the history of Indian Transportation.

Here we’ve all kinds and modes of transports. Starting from bullock carts, palanquins,the pre-mechanised ones. The modes of transport which were present before the motorisation. After that railway’s, car and buses.

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The museum opened in December 2013. In a museum which has four floor’s and one lakh sq ft area of exhibition galleries, library and reference centre, room ,mini auditorium, the museum shop and a restaurant facility.
There are about 75 classic and vintage cars,15 scooters, approximately 25 pre-mechanised transportation.something like palanquins, carriage and bullock carts. It has excellent and rare collection of cars from 1950 to 1960.

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Piper Aircraft.

This is 1940’s Pipe J3C Cub Aircraft. It came into India in 1946. This was used to trained pilot its a trainer aircraft that’s two seater. This is piper aircraft using which, the pilots were trained during the earth war 2.

This put it in aviation showcase that we knew what its history and therefore the way aeroplane came.

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First And Oldest Car of Museum.

The oldest car here is Chevrolet phaeton from 1932 acquired in 1994 from Rajasthan. Whose condition was very bad, no tires, fully rusted. The beauty of this car is few model existing. This is six cylinder engine car and 3179cc.

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This Is Famous Car Badal.

The first three wheeler car of the country which is manufactured by Sipani Motors in 1980s. This is fibre glass body car with 198 cc single cylinder 2-stroke engine with a 4 speed constant-mesh gearbox. This car is also seen in Ram Balram movie.

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Also A Car With One Rupee Coin Pasted.

Wow,look at this wonder car.This is Ford’s old model which has been art decorated creatively. And this car has been decorated with one rupee coins. A 1980 Contessa Classic car embedded with 18,902 one rupee coins.

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This Is Indian Rural Invention,Jugad.

This vehicle features a Jeep engine but it can carry quite two people. Vehicles made from spare parts of other vehicles like jeep, tractor, generator etc. Illegal vehicles put very fashionable in rural north India- UP, Punjab etc for his or her cost effectiveness.

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Jodhpur Saloon’s.

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Along with this there’s railway salon that was made in 1930 which was employed by the emperor of Jodhpur. It had been manufactured in Ajmer in 1930 for the use of the agents of BB & CI Railway. Many erstwhile Maharajas commissioned their own saloons and railways by the 1880s.

The Maharaja of Jodhpur HE Jaswant Singh also built his own little railway. A few old train engines and tracks and track shift levers stationed outside the museum, we spend a short time around them before stepping into .

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The Oldest Exhibit Of This Museum.

The oldest exhibit during this museum that’s a little toy made in 1500 BC which belong to the indus valley Civilization which makes it evident that tyres did exist in India during those times. This toy bird cart symbolizes the importance of wheel within the history of mankind.

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Exploring slightly more, we found the king of Indian roads Ambassador cars,old limousine. This museum contains 120 vehicles and new vehicles are always an addition.

Decoration Of Museum Is Extremely Attractive.

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The Museum was decor has used quite creatively. Take an example, the reception counter which made of the old car morris. The sofas and chairs are made up of cycle rim. Bike handles are used as door handles. And the chair made from Vespa Scooter frame.Omni’s frontend as LED TV mount.

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Investment And Sponsorships.

In initial grant of Rs 6 crore given by ministry of culture to offset the museum construction cost and thus the remaining investment is that the fruit of cooperate and individual donation and sponsorships.

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Visit If You’re Fan Of Vintage Car And Bikes Etc :

It is located on Delhi Jaipur Highway and 7km away from bilaspur chowk,Taoru Gurugram, Haryana.
Entry fee Rs400 per adult and Rs 300 per child. Tickets price includes audio guide and screening of a documentary by National Geographic about evolution of transport.

The museum was extremely well maintained and price every penny of the price that you simply pay.

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India first museum which was completely dedicated for India Transport Evolution. Here you will get to witness the heritage of transport which you’ve never witnessed before.

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